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Running for Hope Ministry

DR. ELIE HASBANI got saved in 1985 amidst the Lebanese Civil War, a time of conflict as radical and extremist Muslim groups rose, like Hezbollah and Hamas, creating conflicts and fueling hate between Lebanon and neighboring Arab countries. Although these groups were once Dr. Hasbani's enemies, God's love opened his eyes to see that the battle is not flesh and blood, but rather, a spiritual one. He realized that, although Islam is an anti-Christ ideology, Muslims are people — people living in darkness and under the influence of Satan.
God revealed His love for the Muslim people and His desire that they be saved, something Dr. Hasbani saw come to pass once he started his ministry in the Middle East.

Dr. Elie Hasbani is currently the Lead Pastor at Ethnos Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
He served as the Nations Pastor at Eastbrook church for fourteen years and as a pastor, a church planter and evangelist in Beirut, Lebanon and the Middle East for ten years. In 2007, he founded Running For Hope, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading the love and hope of Jesus Christ and providing aid to victims of conflict in developing countries. You can learn more about Dr. Hasbani's life journey and testimony in his autobiography entitled, The Good Soldier: Running on the Road of Hope.

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